Why you need a tax attorney

By on Dec 15, 2015 in Tax Attorney |

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IRS tax problems need to be handled very carefully as a tiny mistake can cost you a lot including jail time. The tax laws and legalities which are involved with the process of tax settlement of your IRS taxes are very complicated and frustrating at times.
To save yourself and your business IRS penalties, interest and possible criminal charges, hiring a tax attorney is highly advisable as they will be able to expertly handle your situation. A tax attorney, CPA or the IRS licensed enrolled agent should understand everything about tax laws and procedures. They will have the expertise to devise a specific action plan for your situation as they are trained and experienced enough to handle the technicalities involved in the tax process.

Reasons to hire a tax attorney

For IRS predicaments an IRS tax attorney can give you attorney-client privilege and for law cases your attorney would be exempt from testifying against you. If your case went to trial and you have been working with a CPA or tax preparer to help you, they could be made to testify against!
It is only a tax lawyer that would have the experience in achieving your tax settlements. A CPA might know a few of the tax settlement programs however they won’t fully understand all of the intricacies of different tax programs. Unfortunately tax laws and codes are multifaceted and often change.

There are also programs which can help a taxpayer in trouble by settling or reducing amount of tax liability owed which only a knowledgeable tax attorney will know how to qualify you for. It is certainly not advisable to take the risk of wrong advice during such a dangerous time as this could be very expensive.

The best time to hire a tax attorney

If you are hiring a tax attorney it probably means you are in some sort of trouble with the IRS. It is important to have someone who is very experienced, honest and works with you rather than against you.

Cut-off dates should be resolved to escape more penalties. If the IRS doesn’t acknowledge that you have been trying to sort out you mistakes, you need to get in contact with an attorney. A tax attorney will draft letters to send to the IRS to get their attention. As well as this most tax attorneys can contact the IRS with matters over the phone due to having direct contact information for the required branches which makes communication quicker and more effective.

Things to consider when finding a tax lawyer

• Experience – how long has the firm been in business will be an indication of how much experience they have. The more experience the tax lawyer has with dealing with the IRS the better
• Gimmicks and flashy talk. Trying to impress you with a big sales pitch and gimmicks normally means they are trying to cover up their lack of success
• Any reputable law firm should not ask for your money up front. By paying an attorney up front this will reduce their incentive to work extra hard for you. In other words a good attorney would never ask for everything at once

Once you have decided on a tax attorney you should have a rough idea of IRS procedures and a tax lawyer will help to get them to accept an offer. The IRS will look at your income and assets in order to determine how much you can reasonably pay back. To do this they will require detailed information about your financial situation, including confirmable information about your cash, investments, available credit, assets, income and debt. As well as this they will require information regarding your future income.

When you finally submit an offer to the IRS it must be realistic to your earnings and assets. It must be equal to the “realizable value” of your assets along with the amount of money that the IRS could take from any forthcoming income that you may earn.