Detroit Lawyer Faces Tax Evasion Charges… Again

By on Feb 9, 2016 in Tax Attorney |

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This isn’t the first time that W. Otis Culpepper, a Detroit attorney, has found himself in tax court. Not only was he sent to prison once for tax evasion, but he there was also a period of time when he was not allowed to practice law. That was back in 1988 and Culpepper spent three years in prison.

Now the Detroit lawyer is facing additional serious tax evasion charges. This time the IRS is going after Culpepper for a total of five years’ worth of taxes that they say he failed to pay. Based on information provided by the IRS, Culpepper owes the IRS $192,000.

Culpepper hasn’t let his past slow him down, despite the guilty verdict in 1988, Culpepper enjoys a thriving legal practice and his clients include Miss USA as well as some notorious members of street gangs in a variety of criminal cases.

At the moment, the federal government has filed criminal charges against Culpepper. They’re happy to keep everything in civil court, providing that Culpepper pays the taxes he should have paid for the years of 2004 through 2009.

Based on the paperwork the IRS filed, it looks like the government agency made several attempts to resolve the matter without filing charges against Culpepper but were unable to convince the attorney to resolve the matter without getting the court involved. Check out: ct tax lawyers.

Culpepper has declined to comment about the case.

The media always makes it sound like the only people who ever get charged with tax evasions are celebrities or people who enjoy a position of power, such as Culpepper, but any good tax attorney will be quick to tell you that while the high profile cases generate the most news, there are plenty of times when the IRS has gone after the average joe.

A large number of the tax evasions cases are brought to the IRS’s attention do to red flags appearing on the taxpayers returns. The red flags prompt and audit, and if the audit turns up a problem, the tax payer could find themselves in deep trouble with the federal government.

.The IRS takes income tax fraud very seriously. If they suspect that you owe back taxes or haven’t been completely forthright on your taxes return, they will apply pressure in an attempt ot encourage you to pay. If you find yourself owing back taxes to the government, it might seem like nothing can make them back down. Visit us at: https://www.irsmedic.com.

What tax attorneys know that you might not understand is that the IRS is more interested in getting the back taxes paid off than taking you to court. In fact, they’d like to file less tax evasions cases since cost them money. On the other hand, they want to do everything they can think of to convince people to stop committing willful tax evasion, something that is estimated to cost the US government $21 billion in 2016, which would be an nearly $15 billion increase since 2014.

If you’ve done something to attract the IRS’s attention, the best thing you can do for yourself a good, experience tax attorney. Not only will the tax attorney open the lines of communication between you and the IRS, but they will also work to get you on a reasonable payment plan and to reduce the fines and interest. Other part of this amazing article is published here.2133213